Ikebana vases for flower arrangement by Janet Jacobs Pottery.

About Janet Jacobs Pottery
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Art always has played an integral part in the life of Janet Jacobs. From painting in Italy to pen & ink drawings in rural Bolivia, Janet has explored art and her talent in many parts of the world.

Her introduction to clay and ceramics began in the mid 1980s and since then, pottery has become her sole focus in the arts. For almost 3 decades, she has been creating beautiful functional and decorative pottery. Working with clay has provided Janet an infinite amount of energy, fun and satisfaction.

Ikebana vases by Janet JacobsJanet has taught clay workshops for elementary students, adults and senior citizens. Her work has been displayed in numerous southern California galleries and art shows. She lives in the Ojai Valley and is a member of the Ventura County Potters Guild.

Janet's current work focuses on vases for floral arrangements. She has developed and many vase designs, of which 4 are available online. Each piece is hand crafted and one of a kind. The glazes are bright and unique. Each vase has a pin frog, which is a bed of nails, attached to the inside of the base. The pieces have a low center of gravity and occupy a small amount of space. They are perfect for the devotees of Ikebana or flower arranging.

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