Ikebana vases for flower arrangement by Janet Jacobs Pottery.

Horse Hair Pottery for Horse Lovers

Horse hair Pottery using brown clayHorse hair Pottery using white clayJanet uses several clay colors including white, pink and brown for her pottery. After the initial bisque firing, each handmade, wheel thrown piece is fired again to approximately 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. The pot is removed from the kiln with long tongs and placed on a bed of saw dust to carbonize the base of the pot.

Individual strands of horse hair are then placed in horizontal, diagonal, or vertical patterns against the hot surface of the ceramic piece. The horse hair burns, shrivels up and leaves a permanent imprint of the horsehair on the pot.


"Each of Janet's horsehair pots is a conversation piece. An acquaintance of mine, looking at an array of fine pots by a variety of potters exclaimed not long ago, "Who did that one? It's stunning!" The horsehair pot that had drawn her attention was Janet's".
- John B

One of Janet's custom pottery designs.  This vase has horse hair fired into pink clay to create the black designs.
Each piece is unique and one of a kind. The process results in extremely unusual and creative patterns. Because the pieces are porous and not glazed, they are decorative only and should not be filled with water. They should be used as accent pieces or with dry arrangements. Furnish Janet with a small quantity of hair from your favorite horse’s tail or mane and she can immortalize and honor your horse by making it into a work of art.


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